secure workstreams

Quest New Secure Workstreams

Quest v16 introduces the concept of secure workstreams allowing configuration of which librarians may access which workstreams. This is useful for restricting access to workstreams containing sensitive information, such as requests from senior partners or a workstream created to track requests for a specific project or matter. Read More
conference season 2018

TRG enters conference season 2018!

TRG Screen's conference season is well into the swing of things. Take a look at some of the conferences we have and will be attending over the next few months Read More
Index Management

New and improved Index Management module for FITS

FITS is renaming its Index Commission Management module to the new and improved Index Management module. A range of new features will be added to better help track your index-to-index family catalogue and subscriptions. A user will be able to upload and maintain which indexes are part of which families. This information will also allow users to track which users of index families are using specific indexes in the inventory. Read More
Application Monitoring

ResearchMonitor new Installed Application Monitoring

Due for release in July is ResearchMonitor v9 including the all new Installed Application Monitoring module. This module monitors the usage of installed desktop applications. It will be able to monitor any installed executable application and gather usage data on a per-user basis. Read More