Customer Service

What’s new in customer service at TRG Screen?

Customer service is one of the pillars at TRG Screen. We pride ourselves in being able to assist you throughout your experience with our products. Here are some of the latest updates as to how we are doing this:

New Support Email Addresses

We now have support email addresses based on product. This helps us automate request triaging and quickly get your requests to the right team members.

For all Quest requests:
For all ResearchMonitor, SmartRecharge, ResearchHub and ResearchPath requests:
For all FITS requests:

New Escalation Process

If on occasion you find one of your requests has stalled or you have something urgent you would like us to prioritize, we’ve created a new email address that will go to all Customer Service Managers, Sales Executives and Relationship Managers at TRG to ensure you get the help you need when you need it. This system should be used for issues that have already been entered through the normal channels (via email or client portal). We will work together internally to ensure that your escalations are addressed quickly and provide the necessary visibility to everyone involved with your account.

Email this address for requests you feel are stuck or if your request requires additional urgency:

We now have a unified phone system for FITS, ResearchMonitor and Quest!

We’ve set up a new phone system so we can provide phone support across multiple products and locations.  You should send your requests via the traditional channels first, as most of the issues we receive are more complex than we can handle on a quick phone call but the phone is a great way to let us know about high priority issues or have a quick chat to clarify questions.

To reach us via phone please call one of the numbers below:

+1 866 874 3487 (Toll Free)

+1 212 499 2680,4 (US)

+44 20 7374 0002 (UK)