Introducing… FITS 4

After 30 months of hard work and a multi-million-dollar investment, TRG is thrilled to present the major release of FITS 4. It’s still the same advanced platform that our current clients know and love, but it introduces several brand new features and delivers a completely refreshed modern user interface, designed for ultimate ease of use.

The best news is that the upgrade is completely free to existing clients and the implementation is a seamless and quick software update: unlike other services out there, there is no reinstallation required! It’s all part of the extensive program of continual investment TRG is making with the backing of Polaris Partners.

As you may know, FITS was originally built for one of the world’s most complex subscription management challenges: managing market data costs. As such, the flexibility and extensiveness of its functionality fast became a firm favorite across financial institutions globally. Many of these clients have since extended its use beyond market data to a range of high value enterprise spend types including software, research and information services, expert networks, consulting and legal.

FITS 4 has been designed with this in mind, enabling users to intuitively manage and gain transparency across all of these spend categories enterprise-wide using a single platform. To do this, additional functionality has been built, for example, enabling users of expert network services to track pre-paid balances and store call histories.

Intuitive new interface and loaded with new features

“FITS 4 combines such a broad range of features that are highly configurable to suit a variety of needs, but the redesigned user interface balances the need for such deep functionality with the ability for clients to use the interface easily and intuitively,” says Richard Mundell, Head of Product & Technology at TRG. “The interface has been streamlined and redesigned in collaboration with our clients, and we’ve introduced a new FITS Explorer which provides a hierarchical view of your data in FITS available to “slide in” to all main screens with a single click.”

Additionally, the new “Quick Search” provides a free-text search across all key fields in FITS to allow you to quickly view and edit data. “Quick Links” provide context-sensitive hyperlinks throughout the system to see all data related to your current selection.

The new “Task Management” module provides team-aware task tracking functionality, allowing both recurring processes and ad-hoc tasks to be tracked and delegated to team members, including automated creation of contract tasks to ensure upcoming renewals aren’t missed.

The new “Document Storage” module provides the ability to securely upload documents and files, such as Contracts and Invoices, into FITS, and file them alongside records in FITS. The optional “Document Storage Pro” feature adds expandable storage and OCR-powered free-text search capability (including the ability to search within scanned images and PDFs)

Key FITS 4 features at a glance

• Completely reworked intuitive modern user interface
• “FITS Explorer” & “Quick Search” provide quick and easy navigation around data in the system
• Simplification of managing product catalog – advanced features there only when you need them
• Task Management – team-aware task tracking for reoccurring processes and ad-hoc tasks
• Document Storage – upload contracts, invoices and other files to FITS, with optionally licensable “Document Storage Pro” module adding OCR-enabled free text search across uploaded documents
• New features for managing other Enterprise Spend and subscriptions such as Expert Networks