Upcoming Webinar “How to leverage a market data inventory platform for enterprise-wide gains”

If you need to track and manage your financial enterprise spend on market data services and are considering a market data inventory platform, what are the considerations?

Or if you already use a platform, is now the time to consider migrating to a more modern platform?

In our upcoming webinar we unveil findings of an industry survey of market data managers and discuss:

  • How a market data inventory platform can help you
  • The functions and capabilities that you should be looking for in a new or existing platforms
  • The strengths and weaknesses of existing platforms
  • The technology used to deliver inventory platforms today
  • How to migrate from legacy systems to a modern platform and address the issues and pitfalls that might arise, and the benefits that can be gained from migrating
  • How an inventory platform can be leveraged more widely across the enterprise

UPDATE: A recording of this webinar can now be accessed through to our partners at Data Management Review.