White Paper

Managing Enterprise Data and Subscriptions Spend

Financial institutions and large enterprises consume a broad range of services on a subscription basis to meet their business needs. These include market data and electronic information services, subscriptions for print and web-based publications, and increasingly, consultancy, software, hardware and telecommunications services.

As consumption rises, so too can costs, calling on firms to take a proactive approach to managing service subscriptions. By replacing spreadsheet and manual processes used to manage subscriptions with a central and automated inventory and cost management platform, firms can save time, money and resource. They can also analyze existing costs and predict upcoming spend relating to information and subscription services consumed across the firm.

This White Paper, commissioned by TRG and written by A-Team Group, discusses:

  • The extent of subscription services
  • Traditional methods of inventory management
  • Rising requirements for automation
  • Business cases for an enterprise solution
  • How to implement a central platform
  • Benefits of an automated inventory platform
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